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Holding Out For A Hero (Part III)

20. Lois & Clark, the New Adventures of Superman. Frog-eating clone sagas notwithstanding, the writing on this show, particularly early on, was so very good- there’s a lovely ‘His Girl Friday’ screwball vibe between Lois and Clark with one-liners and wisecracks flying all over the place. Lois as a modern career woman with an unshakeable sense of pride works wonderfully against the earnestness of Clark who is basically smitten with her on sight. And we know all this because the main characters are refreshingly emotionally literate. Because of its mainstream appeal I think its influence as part of the Superman franchise is sometimes overlooked. But, however crazy the plots get, real care and attention is taken with the central relationship and that’s what really drives the show.  

You can go back and there are so many gems of memorable dialogue it’s hard picking out just one. And it’s a treat to watch the dynamic between TH and DC and the quality and timing of their delivery;

Clark: Well go ahead, I’m waiting. 

Lois: For what? 

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Holding Out For A Hero (Part II)

11. When worlds collide. I think one of the best things about being a Superman geek fan is that there’re so many previous and coexisting versions out there; there’s this ongoing goodwill dialogue of influence and homage happening all around, all the time. In Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon style, it’s practically expected to have someone from a past version turn up in some guise or other;

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Holding Out For A Hero (Part I)

Pulled from across the board, a list of collected Superman miscellany and ephemera that I love the most and with impunity. With the exception of placing the last one last, they are in no particular order.

1. John Williams’ score. It’s basically Epic. When reading a particularly heroic sequence of comics panels, I sometimes hum the tune to myself. True. 

2. The shirt rip. Any shirt rip. Always a satisfying moment of dramatic release in a Superman story. But mainly I just enjoy the fact that I find it such a straight forward female-gaze subversion of the ‘sexy librarian’ trope. SR let me down badly on this front with its rejigged, cgi-ed in supersuit; a) this is a beat in the story to be paid its due respects- not rushed over as a tacked on afterthought, and b), if everything in the second instance happens regardless, why take BR’s naked chest away from me in the process? Whyyy? Double fail. MOS, please take note. 

3. Smallville’s Salvation slo-mo save. There are so many elements that contribute to the overall awesomeness of this scene; the phonebooth, Clark’s badass falcon punching of Zod, the way it ties up then pays off several season-long arcs of storyline. It’s also one of those occasions when Clark is allowed to be unadulteratedly heroic and Smallville fulfils the potential it sometimes falls short of. The special effects are big screen worthy, and the staging and choreography are so well done as to be beautiful. I think it stands up as, and will always be, one of the great Lois Lane saves of any version, ever. And it all serves as the prelude to…

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